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International Project Experience of AEQQUUS staff

Pakistan Agriculture Research Project II (World Bank)  We provided consults to the provincial components for the Balochistan and Sindh provinces in data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic planning.  Our staff provided assistance in developing databases to collect information on research capacity (staff, facilities, projects, equipment, etc.) and supported agriculture research experts in identifying critical research needs and additional funding requirements.  We assisted in-country research managers in establishing standard project monitoring and evaluation programs to improve quality in research efforts.  We assisted in developing frameworks to devise strategic research master plans and worked with the technical assistance team to write the provincial components of the national research master plan.

Indonesia Agriculture Research Management Project (USAID/World Bank)  We provided assistance in training and organizational development programs.  We conducted training workshops and worked closely with administrators of AARD (the Indonesian agriculture research and development department) to strengthen budgeting, accounting, statistical analysis,and IT management.  We worked with in-country counterparts to develop training and IT infrastructure requirements.  We assisted in writing specific funding requests and developing the IT component under the project design phase for new financing under World Bank loan programs.

USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Consults (Kazakhstan and Malawi)  As part of Winrock's partnership with USAID's FTF volunteer program, we worked with the Kazakh State Academy of Management to develop entrepreneurial training programs and develop easy to use accounting programs for micro-enterprises.  We also worked in Malawi to assist a national NGO program to develop training in grant-writing and grant reporting.

India Forestry Research Education and Extension Program (World Bank)  We worked with the India Council for Forestry Research and Extension to implement a payroll system for paying staff of the national research centers and developing a database to inventory and track research equipment and facilities.

Philippine Natural Resource Management Project (USAID)  We worked with the Philippine Forestry Monitoring and Evaluation program to develop an M&E database to track data on deforestation in the Philippines.